Thursday, June 4, 2009

Linux support and troubleshoot

Hello Dears,
My name is Lokesh Bisht..I am provide you a support for linux troubleshooting and manage your Network/Server with honesty.

I will write after later.....but checkout this blog
If you need any documents, books and rpm for linux or any other topic so you can give your mail id...and i will try to provide you.

Now i am creating my own videos on hacking concept in hindi..becuase on internet you will get so types of hacking CBT as well as material..but i want to distribute my knowledge with my indians people..and i choose my mother tongue..(HINDI)..proude be indian.

Now you will get so many types of material in my blogspot..but i wanna help because if you need that time i can provide material..and knowledge also..
If you wanna information about me checkout my profile....

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