Monday, July 13, 2009

My personal Update

So now still i am working on security concepts as well as so types of tools, like footprinting, scanning, gathering the information about target, latest trojans and virus.
Actually CEH has been updated in Version6...but many insititute produced Version5 still...
now i have create my own personal videos for hacking that videos i will provide all the information about CEHV6 and practical in live systems.
First of all
What's Hacking??????
If you wanna hack anyone remember it please read a legel concepts about servers and networks then come to hacking.
My personal experience in teaching field....i have teach and now teaching..almost so students who want hacking but they doesn;t know about networking i wanna warn to all students who want to hacking please and please first of all do networking course then come on for hacking.
Actually Hacking is not a joke...not a step concepts like microsoft and linux also...
I will suggest some stps for security field:
First of all increase your personal knowledge
1. MCSE/RHCE(security)
3. CCNA Security
4. Firewall Fundamental
They are some basic course for administrative....because if you want hack so first of all gain knowledge about legal terms.
There are so types of course about security...actually hacking is a small part of;s doesn't clear your all concepts of hacking...
According to my think in hacking so will never get concepts of dhcp snooping, logs monitoring, routing, routing authentication, VPN, certificates, Active Directory, LDAP and etc..( i am talking about practical).
So if you wanna become a real hacker so do clear your all server and admin concepts..

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